Regardless of the payroll software you use the AEclipse platform handles everything in just a few clicks, meaning AEclipse saves employers, accountants and payroll bureaus time and money. Automating your auto enrolment and compliance is simple, secure, cost effective and allows easy integration with the pension provider of your choice.

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AEclipse offers a full range of services from simple filing to complete assessment and letter production.

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We offer support to all our associates and employers and we cater for special requirements like BULK upload of employers

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A simple matrix to calculate the cost per pay period gives you peace of mind.

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AEclipse was founded in 2014 to support accountants and employers with the burden of auto enrolment. We now look after hundreds of accountants and payroll bureaus across the UK and are widely acknowledged as being one of the best auto enrolment middleware providers on the market, enabling everyone to deal with any pension provider regardless of their payroll software.

We can integrate output files from all the major payroll software and others including:

and connect them to any pension provider including:

You'll be in good company!!
Just some of the names that benefit from the AEclipse platform.


CDC accountants wished to continue to use Moneysoft payroll software but because its output files were not compatible with Legal & General, their preferred pension provider recommendation, they need to find a solution. AEclipse having built an interface with Legal & General, were therefore able to help.

“My problem was solved for a low cost with no waiting for re-programming by Moneysoft, but also with a solution that meant that I had no need to change my payroll software. Even better, AEclipse was able to reduce my AE administration time and deal with the AE communications for me; allowing me to spend more time on the more profitable parts of my practice. Working with AEclipse feels like a proper partnership and I would certainly recommend both AEclipse as it saves me time and enables my clients to have access to a Pension Provider that otherwise I would not be able to support and would likely risk losing some clients because of that.””

— CDC Accountants, North Wales


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