The AEclipse Platform

The AEclipse Platform has been purpose built to act as a data conduit for those seeking to find a simple, secure and cost effective bridge between their payroll software's output files and the pension provider of their choice.

AEclipse boasts the following attributes

Data upload via encrypted link

GDPR compliant

Develop software solutions for AE

Dynamic file mapping



How AEclipse can work for you

AEclipse saves accountants and payroll bureaus time and money by enabling the integration of payroll with any pension provider. AEclipse is able to do this without the need for development or programming representing an immediate solution. We have created a simple mapping process on our end so we are able to convert CSV files to XML format seamlessly and without any disruption to your business or more importantly your clients. The data your payroll software produces can be effortlessly sent to ourselves in a few clicks giving you complete peace of mind in light of GDPR and then we deal with the rest.

AEclipse can set schemes up, carry out assessments each pay period , produce the letters, enrolment of staff right through to completing the declaration of compliance and dealing with your re-enrolment. Or we can just be a conduit for your data and file with the pension provider whilst being your second pair of eyes.

The choice is yours but which ever service you choose you will be astonished at our charges, we leave enough room for your own margin and your clients will get a great deal and an even better service.

Please contact us on 01244 691993 and we can talk you through how we can make your life seem what it was like pre Auto Enrolment.

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