How AEclipse helped a local charity

“As a local charity, we do not have specialised payroll knowledge within our business. Therefore, when we were informed that we had to enrol for the Workplace Pension Scheme by 1st January, it caused us some concerns. Although we only have 5 paid staff, because of their different hours / salaries, we had a mixture of people who must be enrolled, people who did not qualify and those who could opt in or out so it was very confusing and seemed impossible. We were introduced to Pete Avery of AEclipse Ltd via Chester Voluntary Action. We met up with Pete to discuss the issues and how they could help us overcome them. From this point, AEclipse played the lead role in the implementation. They were in contact with our payroll provider to ensure a smooth process. They met our staff to explain any queries, provided the appropriate letters to them and ensured that the system was ‘up and running’ by the due date. AEclipse has been very professional in their approach, but at the same time done it in a friendly manner – I would recommend them totally to other charities. It is now an ‘easy to use’ system for us. This enables us to concentrate our own efforts on our core activities of providing a vibrant Community Centre and Community Café for the residents of Hoole and surrounding areas”.

Ian Thomas, Hoole Community Centre, Chester

How AEclipse helped a Moneysoft accountant

CDC accountants wished to continue to use Moneysoft payroll software but because its output files were not compatible with Legal & General, their preferred pension provider recommendation, they need to find a solution. AEclipse having built an interface with Legal & General, were therefore able to help.

“My problem was solved for a low cost with no waiting for re-programming by Moneysoft, but also with a solution that meant that I had no need to change my payroll software. Even better, AEclipse was able to reduce my AE administration time and deal with the AE communications for me; allowing me to spend more time on the more profitable parts of my practice. Working with AEclipse feels like a proper partnership and I would certainly recommend both AEclipse as it saves me time and enables my clients to have access to a Pension Provider that otherwise I would not be able to support and would likely risk losing some clients because of that.”

CDC Accountants, North Wales

How AEclipse helped Chamberlain Carpentry with Auto Enrolment

When Chamberlain Carpentry & Joinery Ltd contacted us to deal with their auto enrolment problems we knew straight away we could help. The problem was a familiar one. They wanted to set their five employees up with Legal & General but, as is the case with so many other of our clients, their payroll software was not compatible with Legal & General.

“When the work place pension staging date was upon us it was very daunting and we as a company struggled to integrate and setup these new systems on our payroll software. To complicate things further, we were not able to use our preferred pension provider Legal & General with our payroll software. Fortunately, when making enquiries we were given the name and contact details of AEclipse who not only were able to utilise the pension provider we wanted but who have also made the whole procedure effortless. They were extremely helpful and professional. Any problems were dealt with effectively & response to questions was almost immediate. The whole experience has been organized from start to finish. I have since recommended AEclipse to other companies and will continue to do so.”

Chamberlain Joinery, Birmingham

To solve the problem they used the AEclipse platform to safely and securely convert data into a format recognised by Legal & General and automatically send it off to them.

How AEclipse helped a plumbing and heating engineer company with their auto enrolment headaches.

We know!! Auto Enrolment is an absolute pain unless you know what you are doing and have the systems in place to deal with the regulations. And that's just to achieve the bare minimum.... What if you want to do things well and get your staff signed up to the work place pension scheme they deserve?

“When the work place pension scheme was announced we as a company struggled to integrate and setup these new systems on our payroll software because we wanted our scheme set up with Legal & General. With the help of AEclipse this struggle became non-existent; they used their software to automate the editing and sending of our output files direct to Legal & General. We found them to be extremely helpful and professional. They addressed any problems satisfactorily and responded to questions straight away. The whole experience has been organised from start to finish with the friendly team at AEclipse. I’m very happy with the end result and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to anyone seeking help with work place pensions.”

Lynda Ware, Aston Cord, Shepperton

Lynda's story is a familiar one to us. Legal & General offer a great work place pension scheme but sadly, most payroll software does not produce files in a format they want. That's where AEclipse steps in. We have automated the conversion of these files so that businesses can concentrate on what they do best and feel reassured that they have enrolled their staff into a great scheme.

How AEclipse helped Compassionate Care.

“Dealing with AEclipse has been brilliant for us and a life saver. We do our payroll with Xero and like to use it, but with the emergence of Auto Enrolment doing the payroll and the Auto Enrolment element ourselves became a far bigger job than we anticipated. Completing paperwork after every pay run to send to the Peoples Pension was a real chore and took me away from other tasks. My company was recommended to AEclipse and since day one with them they have been really good and saved us hours of admin every payroll run through their automation. It now feels like Auto Enrolment never happened. I can just get on with my job like before and my life is much easier.”

Compassionate Care, Altrincham

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