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FAQs for existing NEST customers

Q: How secure is the AEclipse platform/website since I will be uploading a lot of sensitive data?
A: The site is secure since we use https with SHA256 encryption. In addition, we use Two-factor authentication for user access. Confidential data is also encrypted on our database plus we purge all uploaded CSV files regularly;

Q: What information do I need to sign up?
A: You need an email address (this will be the primary contact who will also receive invoices), a password (“At least 8 characters with at least 1 capital, 1 numeric, 1 lower case and 1 of these @ # $ % /?”,  the name of the employer, and the name of the pension provider;

Q: What if I don’t know my employer number?
A: Please check with NEST directly and also for the employer name on your scheme if you don’t know it.

Q: What website address do I use to sign up?

Q: Do you cover my NEST pension scheme? 
A: Yes, if your scheme is with NEST then you can proceed to click “Not a Member – start the process here” straight away as they are covered.

Q: I have completed all initial 4 fields plus the employer number, but what happens next and how long does it take before I can deal with AEclipse?
A: After entering the 4 fields, you will receive a Welcome email from AEclipse to complete registration. You simply click the link and enter the 6-digit code on the email. The transfer of your administration to us is normally immediate but sometimes in busy times it may take up to 48 hours.

Q: I have completed the 4 fields but haven’t received my Welcome email or code, what should I do?
A: Please check your junk/clutter/spam folder because the Welcome email and code is sent almost immediately.

Q: How do I know when you have my scheme data?
A: You will have received an email/link to authorise AEclipse to deal with NEST. Once we have received your authorisation, you will receive another email from AEclipse with a link to start uploading your pension files.  Q: How do I upload my file(s) once everything is set up?
A: Once you have clicked the link following authorisation, just follow the online instructions to select the file and upload.

Q: What if I am not very good at dealing with CSV files?
A: We require a CSV file for the first/initial upload, which you should be able to export from your payroll software, however from the 2nd pay period onwards you will be given the option to manually input the payroll, including adding new workers, directly onto our system, plus you’ll be able to indicate any leavers, opt ins etc without uploading a file.

Q: What if my payroll software produces an XML file instead of CSV?
A: If you let us know during set up, we can accept and process XML files, we’ll just adjust your account accordingly prior to file upload.

Q: My file is being rejected what do I do?
A: An error log is generated detailing the errors, so download it, correct the error(s) and upload it again. If you don’t understand the error, email us at Typical errors are you’re using the wrong file type, or some data is wrong (e.g. commas in the text) or you haven’t called the file a unique name (i.e. one you haven’t used before).

Q: How do I know my data has reached you safely?
A: You will receive a Success message (green) if your file has uploaded successfully to AEclipse for the correct pay period.  You will also receive a Success email once your data reaches NEST and there are no errors.

Q: How will I be charged for your service?
A: If you have a monthly or 4-weekly payroll, we will automatically invoice you once we have successfully completed the first file upload to the Pension Provider, and if you have a weekly or fortnightly payroll, we will invoice you after the first 4 week period. The invoice will have a link to a payment facility to reduce your time and effort.

Q: How are your charges calculated?
A: They are based upon the number of employees in the pay period, including leavers and opt outs, and the specific costs will be covered during the initial discussion with our sales team prior to sign up/transfer.

Q: My direct debit has not been taken by NEST.
A: Please contact NEST directly as we do not control your payment to them or the investment of any pension contributions.

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