How you can create a work place pension scheme with Legal & General and continue to use payroll software such as Moneysoft, Iris and Sage

Key payroll software names such as Sage, Iris and Moneysoft produce auto enrolment output information in a csv file format. In early 2016 Legal and General stopped accepting csv files however, essentially closing them off to users of these payroll services. Although people who staged prior to this date could continue to file their pension contributions using csv files, all future clients would be required to file using an xml format.

With Legal and General offering one of the most attractive work place pension schemes on the market at the moment there is understandably a large demand to set up a scheme with them. 

As a result AEclipse is helping more and more accountants use Legal and General for their clients staging this year. We find that accountants are reluctant (and rightly so) to change their payroll software if it does the required payroll well, but at the same time, they are reluctant to accept a work place pension provider that charges administration fees to the business or the staff whether they set the scheme up or their client does.

In 2017 compatibility issues should not prevent you accessing the pension provider of your choice. That's why we built the AEclipse portal. Our secure, automated software maps csv files and converts them into an xml file instantly that can be accepted by Legal and General. 

In fact AEclipse is better than that. We can accept any file from any payroll software and automatically file it with any pension provider.

At AEclipse we are offering tremendous value to clients and accountants alike by allowing them not only to access the workplace pension scheme of their choice, but also allowing them to remain with their existing payroll software, all for a low monthly fee.