How to prevent your client paying through the nose for their work place pension scheme?

Small businesses can't afford to (and generally don't won't to) pay an IFA a lot of money for advice. Neither do they have time to read through the small print of each possible work place pension scheme. They just know that they are required by law to have one in place and where possible, want to know they have a good scheme for their staff that will not cost a lot of money.

So what do you do? As an accountant you can't offer financial advice. You can't really be seen to have an official opinion. And yet the client expects you to know which scheme is better for them. 

AEclipse can help by providing access to our decision tree and suitability letter which allows your client to answer a series of questions designed to reveal the pension providers that fit their business and employee needs best. The advantage of this is that it puts an extra level of due diligence between your firm and your client and still provides the client with the solution they are looking for.