Are there limitations on which payroll software is used?

Many accountants are keen to add auto enrolment propositions to their menu of services. But often they find that the flexibility they seek to offer is undermined by their payroll software.

There is a general understanding that certain payroll packages can make interacting with certain pension portals an impossible exercise. In many cases, either the client or the accountant will find themselves having to go with a Pension Provider that is compatible with the output file the payroll software produces rather than just selecting the provider that is best for the staff and the business.

With AEclipse there are no such problems. Our software has been built with solving this problem in mind. Most payroll software produces an output file in various formats but generally a CSV file. When this file is uploaded into the AEclipse portal using a secure link our portal will automatically convert this file into whichever format type is needed by the chosen pension provider should they not accept CSVs.

This re-formatting facility is hugely beneficial , you can keep the payroll software you love whilst being able to choose a Pension Provider that does not charge admin fees to the staff and the business. 

Paul Caputo