Large organisations or associations that represent bodies of employers are always looking for ways to add value to their members. We offer an opportunity for your organisation to be pro active and do some of the hard work before your members make unnecessary and costly mistakes. 

We can work with you or directly with your membership to put together a bespoke package that would include scheme set up, managing auto enrolment duties and offering dedicated support and assistance. 

Auto enrolment is a mine field and there are plenty of avenues for your members to incur unnecessary Pension Provider fees or get bogged down in resource draining administration. Our low monthly fees will help enhance the relationship with your members and quite likely increase your membership.

It's really simple, AEclipse can help your members regardless of what payroll software they use or what Pension Provider they would like. 


How AEclipse helped a local charity

“As a local charity, we do not have specialised payroll knowledge within our business. Therefore, when we were informed that we had to enrol for the Workplace Pension Scheme by 1st January, it caused us some concerns. Although we only have 5 paid staff, because of their different hours / salaries, we had a mixture of people who must be enrolled, people who did not qualify and those who could opt in or out so it was very confusing and seemed impossible.

We were introduced to Pete Avery of AEclipse Ltd via Chester Voluntary Action.  We met up with Pete to discuss the issues and how they could help us overcome them.

From this point, AEclipse played the lead role in the implementation. They were in contact with our payroll provider to ensure a smooth process.  They met our staff to explain any queries, provided the appropriate letters to them and ensured that the system was ‘up and running’ by the due date.

AEclipse has been very professional in their approach, but at the same time done it in a friendly manner – I would recommend them totally to other charities.

It is now an ‘easy to use’ system for us. This enables us to concentrate our own efforts on our core activities of providing a vibrant Community Centre and Community Café for the residents of Hoole and surrounding areas”.

Ian Thomas, Hoole Community Centre, Chester