Moneysoft customers


If you are an accountant or bureau using Moneysoft’s Payroll Manager and want to reduce the amount of time it takes to make Automatic Enrolment submission and your GDPR risks, then AEclipse can help you with both.

AEclipse has direct API integrations with 6 different pension providers: NEST, The People’s Pension, NOW: Pensions, Smart Pension, Legal & General and Aviva.

We can accept a Moneysoft extract and convert it for each of these providers, meaning there is no additional development required on your side.  

We’ll do the hard work for you. 

The AEclipse platform can send your pension schedules, automatically instruct contribution collections and manage opt outs, errors and communications.  All without needing to continually log in to pension provider websites.

And we can do this for only £2 + VAT per month per scheme.

We understand that that you have more profitable tasks that you or your staff could be working on rather than managing CSV files and pensions.  So, what are you waiting for?

Get in touch with our friendly team and see how you can save time.