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We help lots of IFA's and wealth managers set schemes up for their clients.

Using AEclipse allows IFAs to offer their clients a comprehensive auto enrolment service. Whether you want to offer advice on which work place pension scheme to set up, or you would like to actually carry out the scheme set up we can help. We provide the infrastructure for you to service your clients in a way that is both beneficial for your business and the client. 

The more work place pension schemes you set up using the AEclipse portal, the less we charge. 

£100 + VAT per scheme for the first three schemes you set up with us. 

If you have already set up three schemes with us before, we charge £75 + VAT per scheme for next seven schemes you set up with us.

If you have set up 10 schemes with us already, all future scheme set ups with us are charged at £50 + VAT per scheme.

*(you or your accountant may need to upload an output file to the AEclipse portal but this only takes seconds and we can talk you through the process on 01244 691993)

We cover whole of market and provide quick, simple access to all pension providers regardless of which payroll software your client uses.

When speaking to professionals licensed to give financial advice, it's clear that many feel unable to recommend the best Pension providers for fear that the employer or accountant can't actually produce the correct output format from their payroll software to file with them.  AEclipse removes this problem as our custom built portal is compatible with any Payroll provider. For a very low cost every pay run we can convert the output file from whatever is sent to us to whatever is needed in seconds. We then file with the Pension Provider on behalf of the Employer or Accountant.

Would you not prefer to have the tools so you can advise your client on the best scheme for the business and its staff rather, than what fits with their payroll software?

We can continue to support your client with their on-going duties after you have set up their work place pension scheme

There are two ways we can work together. You can either set up a work place pension scheme for your client and advise them to use the AEclipse portal to continue managing their ongoing auto enrolment duties, or once you have set up their work place pension scheme we can manage everything for them. 

This way you retain the client and their staff and are able to let them know what Scheme has been provided, cover the details off that we would brief you on and look at other areas you can help the staff to create another revenue stream.


How AEclipse helped a financial advisor access Legal and General

I would have no qualms in recommending the friendly team at AEclipse. I am a very experienced financial adviser with my clients objectives for their staff very much the focus of my advice. I was introduced to AEclipse through an intermediary of Legal and General as I wanted access to their Workplace Pension Provider, both for my own business and also for my clients. Legal and General have a vast array of pension funds so I can bespoke my advice to each individual staff member of my client and not just leave people in default funds. However, crucially Legal and General are not as easy as some Pension Providers to access since they changed their business model and stopped taking CSV files for new business from early last year.

However I am able to access Legal and General through the AEclipse innovative portal and have a scheme set up in minutes, so I can give good solid advice to my client, avoid the fees for my clients often associated with other Pension Providers and also have the pension of the staff working harder as I avoid them fees too.

AEclipse are really easy to deal with so all in all it was a good shout on the introduction as I have set up many Schemes with the help of AEclipse since first making contact.

I would definitely advise any other financial adviser out there to speak to AEclipse as they have built a unique system which makes the Scheme set up very easy and less of a burden to do.
— E.M. Armstrong Watson, West Yorkshire

How AEclipse took the pressure off a financial advisor

I was brought into contact with AEclipse via a cold call off Pete Avery some years back. Pete called me as I had inadvertently marketed him on Auto Enrolment (AE)through the marketing agency I used.

I don’t think an AE specialist firm needs advice from me on the subject , but having spoken on the telephone to each-other we agreed to meet.

During our meeting I found out the way they did Auto Enrolment for the amount they charge was astonishing , a fully loaded end to end solution at a low cost to a business. I decided there and then that working as a tag team with AEclipse was the way to go. AEclipse only deal with AE , I deal with ALL financial matters and wanted access to the staff of the clients to help them and get my company more business. I did not necessarily want to set Schemes up before meeting Pete but felt I had to in order to grow my business. Working with AEclipse works well for me; I introduce AEclipse to my clients to set the Scheme up and deal with the ongoing after staging if my client requires it. I get briefed on the Scheme set up by AEclipse and then go into that business to introduce myself to the workers, do a presentation and answer questions from them.The result is , my clients get a first class Scheme from AEclipse and ongoing management for a low cost , my business client base grows so everyone wins.

I have no hesitation in recommending AEclipse to any other firm like my own as they are good at what they do and my clients like them too.
— RR Director, A Transparent Financial Solution, North Wales