How AEclipse provides access to Legal & General

auto enrolment legal and general.jpg

Legal & General are one of the most popular Pension Providers around at the moment, especially for employers seeking to auto enrol their employees into a scheme that balances the needs of the employer and the employee.

There are no up front fees and no on-going administration fees. Unlike other providers however, it is not straightforward to upload contribution files to their site. Many of the output files given by payroll software are not supported by L&G, leaving most businesses unable to use them without many hours of manual reformatting. We have a solution!!

The AEclipse platform automatically converts files from your payroll software into the files needed by L&G. Using Pensionsync as a conduit, AEclipse then quickly and securely transfers the data over to L&G ensuring fast, automated access to a very popular scheme. 

If you would like to know more about how we interface with L&G or auto enrolment in general, or would like to schedule a demonstration of our software, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We are on 01244 691993.

Kind Regards,

Pete Avery and the AEclipse team