Not sure when your duties started ?

When seeking to understand your business’ auto enrolment responsibilities there are a few basic questions you can ask. Firstly and perhaps most importantly, when was your staging date and what are your duties? The Pension Regulator website is the best source of information, but please feel free to pick up the phone and call AEclipse. We’ll be happy to look into it on your behalf. We can check your (or your client’s) status quickly and easily for you. Crucially, at your staging / duties start date you’ll need to have a qualifying scheme in place. Your staging / duties start date is when the legal duties obliging you to enrol some or all of your workers into a qualifying pension scheme begin. You will need to contact all of your employees and tell them what’s happening. It’s a legal requirement to tell them within six weeks from their start date. Don’t worry, the AEclipse platform can handle these communications for you in a simple, automated way.  We’ll let them know how auto-enrolment affects them and what their rights are. This communication from the employer to employees is called the ‘notice’. If this already starts to sound like hassle, it’s because it is.  AEclipse was born out of the need to automate much of the manual work involved in administering auto enrolment obligations. So, if you’ve just set up in business, or have clients seeking to improve the way they do things, give us a call on 01244 691993. We can help.

Paul Caputo