Auto enrolment, TPR, fines and tribunals

While the numbers are small, the statistics should serve no less a reminder of the gravity of missing your staging date and not complying with your legal obligations under the government's auto enrolment and work place pension legislation.

Penalty notices are issued all the time by TPR, but so far 123 employers have taken the outcomes of an appeal over these penalty notices to tribunal. To date however, only a single employer has been successful. It's a strong example of TPR's zero tolerance stance on auto enrolment. Examples such as staff illness, employer error and failure to receive a reminder have not been deemed a reasonable excuse. The message is clear. TPR are taking auto enrolment seriously and are not prepared to let employers wriggle off the hook. Either follow the rules or face the consequences. 

Of course, that doesn't tell the full story. For many small employers or small firms dealing with the day to day rigours of business in a challenging and uncertain economic landscape, occurrences such as staff illness or basic error are very real reasons. Staff do get sick. Errors do happen, especially when resources are stretched. In such circumstances, employers wisely concentrate their efforts on ensuring their customers are looked after. If something is going to go slip, it's back office admin. 

But with TPR's no nonsense approach, these genuine strains on resources can end up being very costly. This cost is all very avoidable however, and here's where AEclipse comes in. For a low monthly fee all of your auto enrolment responsibilities can be outsourced. Using our specialist platform and taking advantage of our very low monthly fees, many employers are finding AEclipse an excellent solution. In fact, our dedication to creating the best auto enrolment support business we possibly can has been embraced by accountants, IFAs and other third parties as well. They are using our software and services to not only support their clients but also explore additional revenue streams. 

Regardless, auto enrolment can be too costly to get wrong. If you would like to get in touch with us we would be happy to help you explore the best solution for your business or client. It's not a one glove fits all situation, but our sophisticated software solution is compatible with all payroll systems and all pension providers, giving both employer and agent complete flexibility. Give us a call. We are on 01244 691 993.