Customer stories: How AEclipse helped a small business

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When Chamberlain Carpentry & Joinery Ltd contacted us to deal with their auto enrolment problems we knew straight away we could help. The problem was a familiar one. They wanted to set their five employees up with L&G but, as with so many other situations, their payroll software was not compatiable with L&G meaning someone in the office would have spend hours working out all the contributions and typing them out into another format.

When the work place pension staging date was upon us it was very daunting and we as a company struggled to integrate and setup these new systems on our payroll software. To complicate things further, we were not able to use our preferred pension provider L & G with our payroll software. Fortunately, when making enquiries we were given the name and contact details of AEclipse who not only were able to utilise the pension provider we wanted but who have also made the whole procedure effortless. 
They were extremely helpful and professional. Any problems were dealt with effectively & response to questions was almost immediate. The whole experience has been organized from start to finish. I have since recommended AEclipse to other companies and will continue to do so.

To solve the problem they used the AEclipse platform to safely and securely convert data into a format recognised by L&G and automatically sent it off to the provider. As an extra added value to the customer we were able to process their pension contributions on their behalf.