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Accountants and payroll bureaus have been struggling to cope with the time needed to manage their client's auto enrolment requirements ever since its mandatory introduction.

There isn't really an easy way around it. Clients after all have different set ups. Not only do they vary in staff size, they also vary in how frequently they run their payroll - weekly, fortnightly, 4 weekly, monthly and some a combination of these.  Add to this the different complications of payroll software compatibility with the chosen Pension Provider and you can see how accountants and payroll bureaus can find themselves sucked into a world of inefficient, and ultimately unprofitable administration. 

At AEclipse we speak to accountants every day. They are tired of the churn. And while the industry was initially defensive about allowing a third party provider to encroach into their client relationships, things are changing. Many accountants and payroll bureaus are finding that using an auto enrolment service such as AEclipse cost effective - it's also delivering a better service for the client. It's win win. 

Just think about it. When their client has staged most key personnel or their payroll team will have to go through the ordeal of doing the following. 

  1. Start the payroll process, checking for new starters and changes of pay.
  2. Check to see if anyone has opted out.
  3. Countless log ons to the Pension Providers site are needed even if the client is a straight forward one. 
  4. A new joiners file (if necessary) is sent by uploading a CSV file and this must then be checked to make sure it has been successfully delivered. Time must then be taken to correct any errors that occur by manually adjusting them and re-uplaoding. Of course these amends must also be made in the payroll software, a step usually omitted. 
  5. Then the contributions file must be uploaded. Again the same process of checking its successful delivery and making any subsequent manual changes by downloading the file and re-uploading applies. 
  6. In some cases, perhaps days later, another log in is required to ensure the payment of the contributions. 

Compare this with the process that AEclipse uses. 

  1. Simply run the payroll and save your chosen payroll software's output file as you do now. 
  2. Send AEclipse your output file using a simple but secure link that requires no passwords or usernames. 
  3. AEclipse does the rest. We deal with opt outs and we file with the Pension Provider. 
  4. It feels like payroll was before Auto Enrolment happened.

With our low monthly fees, you can see why accountants are quietly using us in the background. We save them hours and hours of unwarranted administration by providing access to our custom built auto enrolment platform. Using Pensionsync as a conduit we can integrate with any payroll software and any Pension Provider, making us the top solution for accountants with  any number of clients. 

There is no need to struggle through a variety of pre-determined processes. We've automated the process for the benefit of everyone. 

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