AEclipse Company Report: Winter 2017

So, we're almost at the end of January 2017. It's flown by. In our last update we documented our commitment to increase the quality of our communications. Hopefully we have done this but we would still love to hear your feedback.

We have welcomed two new people into the AEclipse family. Andrew Fleming brings considerable experience to his new role as a non executive director. Over the last five years he has worked as a Liaison Manager with the Pension Regulator and will be able to support the company with ongoing advice on legislation and compliance. Simona Cakir has also joined the team and is mucking in with everything from assisting clients with their processing needs to creating graphics for our marketing and customer service projects. Andrew and Simona have brought the team up to six.

Our main priority for the next quarter is to improve the user experience of our product. The AEclipse platform has helped numerous clients deal with their Auto Enrolment responsibilities and has been hugely popular in its ability to reduce the amount of administrative hours spent adjusting payroll data to be compatible with a pension provider. It has also assisted clients by automating the legal communications meaning that our customers automatically stay compliant. 

In fact, our customers have found the AEclipse platform so useful that accountants and IFAs have asked us whether we can white label our product for them to manage the auto enrolment needs of their own clients through our site. This, of course is wonderful news for us and reassuring feedback.

As our customer base increases we are not only receiving additional feedback, but also a wealth of ideas on how to improve our platform. The list of features in development is growing by the day and we are looking forward to revealing new functionality updates as soon as they go live.

2017 has already seen the release of some new features. Using the latest software technology we have now included a module to electronically transfer data securely to both The People's Pension and NEST using XML format. Before transferring the data through to the pension provider we can assess, validate or fast-track the payroll information which enables us to work with payroll teams of any expertise.

So, what's next? as we continue to expand our customer base, it is imperative that we make our platform even more user friendly. We not only want you to recommend our product, we want you to love using it.