Auto Enrolment for pubs, bars and restaurants

Operating a seamless payroll in the hospitality sector can be a difficult and time consuming process at the best of times, but add the requirements of auto enrolment legislation into the mix and it easy to see how the part time and short term nature of the industry can cause employers headaches, not to mention potential fines from The Pension Regulator. 

Most small pubs and restaurants have anywhere between 10 and 50 members of staff, and as such are yet to stage. Many of these teams will include a number of employees who work part time, are on zero hours contracts or have seasonal hours, such as overtime at Christmas. Auto Enrolement however does not depend on the number of hours worked, but instead, on whether the employee reaches the qualifying earnings limit in the relevant reference period. 

As you can imagine, trying to keep track of each employee's situation manually is a recipe for disaster. Circumstances and staff change rapidly. Fortunately, AEclipse has designed and created a software solution that can monitor trigger points for eligibility for staff where pay is variable and rises and falls beyond the qualifying earnings threshold. 

We believe that investment in our system, and excellent support service, cuts costs in the long term. Apart from the obvious time resource saved by automating this process, our prices are very much geared to towards understanding the high overhead, low margin nature of the hospitality trade. 

Still think you want to do it yourself? 

Every theree years staff must be opted back into a work place pension scheme. Unfortunately though, when this needs to happen depends on when they joined the business. In that time, countless members of staff have no doubt come and gone and come back again. In fact, any number of business scenarios could have presented themselves. You could have changed managers, bookkeepers, payroll firms, even accountants. 

in the hospitality sector where there is inevitably a high turnover of workers it is more crucial than anywhere to provide an easy opt in and opt out system that allows staff to join and leave in an efficient way. We believe AEclipse is that system and the best option on the market to help small pubs, bars and restaurants do what they need to do most, point their resources at looking after their customers. 

Paul CaputoAuto Enrolment