How AEclipse and Pensionsync helped a money soft accountant with data automation

I have been an Accountant for many years and have been assisting my clients since the inception of Auto Enrolment.

We use Payroll Manager as our payroll software and it has the benefits of being both cost effective and my team enjoy using it.

However, while the Automatic Enrolment functionality is there, it is quite a laborious process requiring pdfs and manual data keying.

I found that many of my clients - certainly this year - have wanted to use Legal and General for their Workplace Pension and inevitably I wanted to be able to support them and look for a solution.

However, my payroll software has no interface that works with Legal & General, which meant I either needed to ask my clients to choose another provider or send them elsewhere. I had to find another solution - and thankfully this was AEclipse, who are an innovative Middleware provider.

AEclipse have built an interface with pensionsync who are the chosen payroll intermediary of Legal and General and therefore can interface with them.

My problem was solved for a low cost with no waiting for re-programming by Moneysoft, but also with a solution that meant that I had no need to change my payroll software.

Even better, AEclipse was able to reduce my AE administration time and deal with the AE communications for me; allowing me to spend more time on the more profitable parts of my practice.

Working with AEclipse feels like a proper partnership and I would certainly recommend both AEclipse and pensionsync as it saves me time and enables my clients to have access to a Pension Provider that otherwise I would not be able to support and would likely risk losing some clients because of that.”