Make auto enrolment more efficient for both your client and your firm...

When speaking to accountants about auto enrolment some common challenges emerge. Firstly, many accountants are unsure where they stand on offering auto enrolment services. Some are reluctant to get involved because of limited resources or restrictions on their payroll department or partner, while others take on more than they can handle for fear of their client going elsewhere. This can often lead to huge amounts of un-billable admin hours. 

Those firms that do offer their clients auto enrolment services, often do so without being truly comfortable. Many know that the service they offer could be improved. This could be to do with the inability to offer whole of market access to Pension Providers, mainly due to the technical limitations of accountancy payroll software. This has its drawbacks, as many providers offer schemes that incur charges or administration fees that can cost both the employer and employee money. 

Our low monthly fees start from just £13.25 per month......

If your client has not yet set up their work place pension scheme you can use the AEclipse portal to do it for them and continue to carry out all of the necessary auto enrolment tasks.

£100 plus VAT per scheme for the first three schemes you set up with us.

If you have set three or more schemes up with us already, we charge £75 plus VAT per scheme.

If you have set up 10 or more schemes up with us already we charge £50 plus VAT per scheme.

On going management *: 

We charge £13.25 + VAT per month for companies with up to 10 people (including directors) on the payroll.

We charge £14.25 + VAT per month for companies with 11-15 people (including directors) on the payroll.

We charge £15.25 + VAT per month for companies with 16-21 people (including directors) on the payroll.

We charge £15.25 plus VAT per month for up to 21 people (including directors) on the payroll. We charge an additional 20p plus VAT per month for every extra person on the payroll.

*(you may need to upload an output file to the AEclipse portal on your client's behalf but this only takes seconds and we can talk you through the process on 01244 691993) 

So how do we help? 

We help a number of accountants offer their clients a high quality auto enrolment service. For a low cost we can either manage the whole process for your firm's clients or if you prefer a more hands on approach we can give you access to our purpose built platform so that you are able to offer a more comprehensive service to your clients, including Pension set up with any Pension Provider in around 4 minutes and creation of our suitability letter that will protect your practice and your client. We have developed a sustainable price structure that allows your firm to outsource auto enrolment responsibilities and still make a healthy margin on the service. 

So would you not prefer to have the tools so the Employer can pick the scheme that is best for the business and their staff, rather than what fits with your payroll software?

Here's what an accountant that works with us says....

How AEclipse helped a Moneysoft accountant

CDC accountants wished to continue to use Moneysoft payroll software but because its output files were not compatible with Legal and General, their preferred pension provider recommendation, they need to find a solution. AEclipse have built an interface with pensionsync who are one of the chosen intermediaries of Legal and General and therefore we were able to help them.

My problem was solved for a low cost with no waiting for re-programming by Moneysoft, but also with a solution that meant that I had no need to change my payroll software. Even better, AEclipse was able to reduce my AE administration time and deal with the AE communications for me; allowing me to spend more time on the more profitable parts of my practice. Working with AEclipse feels like a proper partnership and I would certainly recommend both AEclipse and pensionsync as it saves me time and enables my clients to have access to a Pension Provider that otherwise I would not be able to support and would likely risk losing some clients because of that.

North Wales based firm CDC Accountants